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Detailed Features


alignd features multi-currency & geographies, rewards history & unlimited number of employees and users. Easily import data in your preferred format & customise views for different roles.

Cloud based bank grade security.

Dynamic remuneration structure capabilities. Smart filtering and sorting of data & view data from a variety of perspectives. Detailed reporting capabilities & user rights management.


Data Analytics

Pay equity analysis, including

gender, race & role pay

gap analytics

Scorecard performance


Internal benchmarking

Job role & pay grade positioning

& pay range analysis


Planning &

Scenario simulation

& analysis

Create increase mandates

Scorecard design

& configuration

Budgeting & continuous
measurement of outcomes
compared to budgets


Scorecards &

Create & design

unlimited number of

scorecards & metrics

Manage financial & 
non-financial metrics

Near real-time tracking
of performance 


Integration with market

data sources


Short Term 
Incentive Schemes

Budget & forecast

Configure STI scorecards, 
metrics & targets

Calculate outcomes based on

actual vs target

Approval of scorecards & final

outcomes all the way

up to REMCO

Export final outcomes for 
payroll processing


Long Term 
Incentive Schemes

Budget & forecast

Award & manage grants

On-going performance tracking

& estimated payouts

Valuation of instruments
using option pricing models

IFRS 2 accounting &
financial reporting

Accommodates all types of schemes

(SAR’s, PSU’s, RSU’s & MSU’s)


Approval Process

Multilevel approval, 
governance & compliance

Configurable & customisable

approval processes

Real-time calculations &
adjustment impact analysis

Adjust & approve increases,
bonus pools & incentive
multiples for budgets & mandates

& final approval of outcomes

Comprehensive audit trail

Total Remuneration & Performance Measurement

All In One Unified Cloud Platform

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